Reddee Properties Commercial Leasing

Lets build a relationship! At Reddee Properties we often say that buildings are purely bricks and motor without people in them. It is the people in them that make each building an Asset. Reddee Properties is happy to accommodate all budgets. Let’s find the commercial space and monthly payment that works best for your business.

“Our Tenants are Our Best Sales People.”

See if any of our current inventories will work for your business. Reddee Properties is happy to work with you to assess what commercial space would work best for your business. At Reddee Properties we understand there can be a large number of factors to consider when making a real estate decision. Markets change and growth initiatives take a great deal of effort and local acumen. Reddee Properties is in at the ground floor in the Saskatoon real estate market. With our unparalleled local knowledge and 30 years experience Reddee Properties can assist any class of company to make the right real estate decisions to help your business grow.

“Our Goal is Happy Tenants !”